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The Tree Planters

Tree planting at Coppice Valley Primary School



On Friday 1 March, Paul Jennings, of the Society's History Group, attended a small ceremony at Coppice Valley Primary School to plant seven apple trees to commemorate the Coronation of Charles III.

Paul writes:
On a cold, wet day I attended on behalf of the Society the tree-planting ceremony in the School's extensive playing fields and wildlife garden. Fifteen children, supervised by staff from RHS Harlow Carr, and with class teacher Amy Croxton and head teacher Hannah McNamara looking on, filled in the holes around the trees with soggy soil and commendable enthusiasm, given the weather. As the trees have a projected life of a hundred years, I commented for them on events of 1923 (first Labour Government, George V the King) and we wondered what life would be like in another hundred years.

The photograph shows: at the back, Amy Croxton, RHS staff and me, being brave.

The invitation followed an earlier occasion when Paul talked to a class about school days in the past.

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