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Harrogate History

Harrogate has a long and varied history.  The History Subgroup of the Harrogate Civic Society exists to research, record and disseminate the history of the town.  The links below will help you explore this fascinating history.

Schools History Competition 2023 Winning Essay:

To discover the history of Harrogate from 1571 to the present day, in a short concise introduction, go to the "Brief history" sub-page :

If you wish to see where you can learn more about Harrogate's history, go to the "Books" sub-page :

For those wishing to research more into Harrogate's history, there is a wealth of information regarding source material in the "Resources" sub-page :

The History Subgroup has prepared a set of articles on aspects of Harrogate History.  These include "Aspects of Harrogate", "Down your Street" and "Harrogate People". Further articles will be added as they become available :

The Heritage plaques of Harrogate provide an interesting way to discover the history of Harrogate whilst walking around the town. The "Plaques" sub-page gives an introduction to the plaques and a link to a further HCS website wholly dedicated to the plaques :

There are a number of associated societies and organisations in Harrogate concerned with its history.  The  "History Links" sub-page provides links to all these :

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