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Neighbourhood Plan guidance

Neighbourhood Plan Information



This document provides information on the neighbourhood plan process and how a neighbourhood plan could guide future development in the town of Harrogate. A neighbourhood plan has similarities to a ‘local plan’ produced by a local planning authority in that it is a statutory document containing a vision, objectives and planning policy which must be taken into account when determining planning applications for development.

It differs from a local plan in two important respects: it is produced by the community or a parish council rather than a local planning authority and its scope may be less than a local plan with much more focus on local issues which matter to the community. Harrogate Civic Society and Zero Carbon Harrogate have been gauging public opinion for starting a neighbourhood plan process.

This information pack is designed to give you sufficient information to help you decide if you support the idea of our community producing its own Neighbourhood Plan and if you feel you want to get involved.

Neighbourhood plan information pack link

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