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Detail from front page of the App

Android Phone: Plaques Walking Trail App Update



The Android App has now been updated to include the four new plaques that have been installed this year :
The Harrogate Club (High Harrogate Trail)
Louis Cope (Civic Trail)
Pickersgill Palliser (Montpellier Trail)
19 West Park (West Park Trail)

The App has a map for each trail with the route marked on. The GPS will show your current location. All the directions are included and there is also information about facilities (cafes, toilets etc) on each route. By tapping on a location indicator on the map, you can see the title of the plaque located there.

The App also has a map indicating the position of all the plaques and an index allowing an image of each plaque and related information to be accessed

For more details visit the Harrogate Heritage Plaques Website, Walking Trails Page :

Walking Trails webpage

You can download the App from the Google playstore here:

Walking Trails App link

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