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104 Duchy Road

104 Duchy Road



The history of my home at 104 Duchy Road includes one resident who in ten years slept in 530 different beds. But before we get to that ……

104 is one of four houses built in a terrace on a plot of land just west of Hereford Road. An 1894 plan in the Duchy of Lancaster’s archives shows the footprint for these homes, much as they remain today. On 5 April 1898 David Simpson was granted by the Duchy a lease on this land for 96¾ years.

The original deeds for 104 are lost. But Robertson’s Harrogate Directory for 1899 identifies the first occupants, the Reverend Edward Davidson and his wife, Mary. At this time only the house-name, Dulce Domum (“sweetly at home”), is given. “104” is not shown until 1906. Numbers are not listed in this directory for any house in Duchy Road until 1904, and electoral records show there were only 40 registered voters in the road in 1901.

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