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Schooldays in Edwardian Harrogate

25th October 2022

St Paul's UR Church Hall

Precis of talk from Paul Jennings :

Schooling in the Edwardian period was almost completely segregated by social class. This talk looks at the two types of school which children attended. There were the state schools for working-class and some lower middle-class children, run by School Boards and from 1904 by Harrogate Borough Council, like Grove Road or Western schools. And there were private schools for the middle and upper-middle classes, for which Harrogate was a big centre due principally to its reputation as a health resort. In these years there were over thirty such schools with nearly seven hundred boarders, together with day pupils. These ranged from large schools like Ashville or Harrogate Ladies College to much smaller establishments like Bilton Grange for boys or Dunorlan for girls. The talk looks among other things at what the children were taught, how discipline was enforced and how their attendance was affected. Finally, I compare what happened to these children beyond school.

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