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Harrogate on Film

3rd October 2022

Harrogate Odeon Cinema

Reflection on “HARROGATE ON FILM” by Paula Stott of the Harrogate Film Society.

An exploratory meeting late last year between Harrogate Civic Society and Harrogate Film Society quickly identified common bonds and resulted in an idea - an approach to Yorkshire Film Archive to curate and screen a special programme of films from their extensive archives, focussing on Harrogate and Knaresborough. The Odeon were also keen to be involved.

Given this was a “first” for all, much time and effort went into planning the event. Particular attention was paid to how the Odeon would cope with serving 250 teas, coffees and biscuits in 20 minutes!

Hopes were high when tickets went on sale but reality far exceeded expectations, with two sell out screenings. Two more will follow next year.

Reaction has been overwhelmingly positive - 79% giving the experience a 5 star rating; 21% giving it 4 stars. The films evoked many memories, viewers seeing themselves or others they knew. Someone even spotted his Grandpa as an extra in the film “Agatha”!

The response can be summed up by an audience member who wrote: “Fantastic archive. Fantastic music. Great content and compering. Wonderful collaboration across societies”

Many asked when and what will be the next thing we do together? Don’t worry it is already being discussed!

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